About Kati

My name is Kati and I have created Bonding with Baby to offer parents/carers courses in baby massage and baby yoga.

I began my training in Complementary Medicine in 1999 and have a passion for holistic wellbeing.

I have worked in clinics, nursing and care homes, hospitals, corporate companies and healing sanctuarys. I have worked with many neurological conditions such as motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy; the elderly; cancer patients; and many others. Having started a family, I was keen to train in massage and yoga for babies — an area that’s always fascinated me. Being a Mum certainly helps with underatanding the joys, frustrations and general rollercoaster that parenting brings. I am very excited to share the amazing benefits for both parent and baby, that baby massage and baby yoga offers.

I had my son Ned in September 2010. I tried for sometime to breastfeed and like so many, I found it very difficult. He wouldn't latch, I became sore, and so on. He was a windy baby who seemed to often be "struggling". We tried the usual rememdies with no success. Baby massage techniques helped expel wind amazingly well, but he continued to feel stiff and uncomfortable. I expressed milk as he seemed to take it better from a bottle. When he was about 5 weeks old, I had a conversation with an Uncle who fortunately for me, is a Professor of Paediatrics specialising in allergies and malabsorption. He suggested I remove cows protein from my diet for 1 week to see if there was any noticeable change in Ned. The results were very clear and quick. Suddenly my lovely boy seemed more relaxed. He actuallly napped for longer! And guess what, he soon started to latch beautifully, meaning I successfully breastfed. This allergy, or sensitivity as it was in Ned's case, is not uncommon, and can make a big difference to all concerned. For the record, I reintroduced milk products to my diet at 6 months and Ned was fine. I also discovered to my horror that cocoa disagreed with him, as well as soya. Weaning was easy and he will eat almost anything (a particular fan of the olive). Ned to this day loves his massage (though for shorter periods, as he's very busy), and the fun of yoga has him giggling away!